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Let's Taco about that.....

They are so cute!!! They look like Teddy Bears!!! And Oh My Gosh....Puppy Breath!!!! This is typically what goes through everyones mind when they start looking for a puppy to add to their life...and it's true! They are amazing, squishy, soft and cuddly little fuzzballs. I would be rich if I could just bottle that puppy breath. It literally releases hormones in your brain that make you feel good. Seriously, its a scientific fact.

However, they are also peeing, pooping, nipping, biting, chewing little piranha. You are guaranteed to lose sleep, skin, and all of your free time. They will pee on your floor, steel your laundry, chew your toys, remotes, furniture, steel your socks and worse, get into your garbage, and when they are tall your counters for whatever they can find. These adorable little land sharks are a lot of work! You are literally brining home a new baby. You will be required to train them... when to eat, when to pee, when to play and when to sleep. Those fantastic perfect dogs you see at the dog park that you dream of one day having for yourself have an owner that poured time and effort into making them so cool, well mannered, and all around awesome. You too can have an equally awesome, cool, fantastic dog... the envy of all that meet you and your perfect pooch at the dog park....and you are on the right track if you have landed on this page. The Australian Labradoodle is capable of all of that and more. I can provide you with a perfect, healthy, gorgeous puppy. It is up to you to put in the time and effort to turn your perfect puppy into the perfect dog.

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