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Reservations will be taken for each litter depending on the expected size of the litter. Once you have filled out an application, it has been approved, and you have placed your deposit, you will have a space reserved for the litter. You can list preferences like male/female in your application. Once the litter has arrived you will be contacted and you will continue to receive regular instructions and updates. Mother Nature is truly in charge, guarantying number of puppies born, gender, and exact color(s) is not possible. If the litter is born and does not meet  your expectations your deposit will be returned. Our priority is matching the right dog with the right family. Personality, temperament, and energy level are so much more important than gender and appearance when determining lifelong satisfaction and suitability. Cute wears off quickly if you are not matched correctly with your puppy. For this reason, we ask that you be open to the process so we can find a puppy that fits in with your family dynamic and lifestyle. All of our puppies are cute, we do not have any bad puppies, but there are bad matches if we use appearance as the most important criteria. If outside appearance is your number one priority than I may not be the breeder for you.

At 6 weeks old we will host a puppy meet and greet. This will either be in person or virtual depending on the pandemic. After your family has some time to meet and play with the puppies you will be asked to write down your preference for  2-3 puppies and why. All of our puppies are evaluated at 8 weeks by our Puppyatrician Dr. Cavanaugh of All Creatures Veterinary for health, and by Pat Hastings of Dog Folk Enterprises for temperament and structure. Based on the information we have gathered from raising the litter, the evaluations, and your preferences, puppies will be allocated to each family at 8 weeks. Puppy pick up will happen between the 9th and the 10th week depending on when the weekend falls.

*All puppies will come with their 8 week shots, dewormed, microchipped, and a fun go home bag with treats, goodies, and a stuffy that smells like their Mom and littermates.

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